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Good day Mr. Geygan. Just wanted to thank you for your superb service with our application. Your patience was matched by your experience and knowledge of the system. Thank you for answering all of our crazy questions and your staff were always on point. If I have friends or family that ever need your services we would not hesitate to call on you. Once again thank you for your professionalism. You are a credit to your profession.  


Mr. Geygan was the right choice to help me navigate the immigration process for me and my wife. He is very structured and methodic with every step we needed to take. The mock interview he gave my wife and I as preparation, was about as good as the real interview. He was always available to answer questions over the phone. Thank you Mr. Geygan for your service!


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How can I prepare for my first appointment?

There are several things you can do to prepare for your first appointment:
•    Gather together all relevant documents (letters of demand, contracts, loan agreements, etc.) and put them in order;
•    Write down a brief timeline of events;
•    List the issues about which you are concerned because of your legal problem; and
•    Think about what you would like the result to be, as this will help the lawyer to know whether your expectations are achievable.
This will assist Mr. Geygan in giving you accurate and relevant advice.

Does Mr. Geygan have to do everything I ask?

No.  Mr. Geygan has a duty to give you honest and accurate legal advice.  He does not have to do all you ask him to do if it contradicts his advice, or especially if it goes against his overriding duty to the courts.

Initial Appointment Fee


What can I expect from my first appointment?

During this appointment, you will learn: (1) Mr. Geygan’s specific recommendations and your best options; (2) your chances of approval with Mr. Geygan’s representation; and (3) how much the case will cost. There is no obligation to hire Mr. Geygan for your case after the consultation appointment. Instead, you will walk out of the appointment with a true sense of clarity of what you should do next to regain control of your case and your future.

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