Experienced immigration lawyer with over 19 years of experience, focusing on Family Based Immigration, Investment Based Immigration, and Citizenship cases.

Tom Geygan is the chief immigration lawyer for Geygan & Geygan, Ltd. a Cincinnati based law firm providing reliable immigration solutions to individuals and families. With more than 19 years of practicing immigration law, Tom has become one of the most reliable lawyers to turn to when it comes to getting your immigration cases resolved!

Professional Career and Law Expertise

Before becoming a lawyer, Tom Geygan was a military policeman, investigator, and Special Agent for the United States Air Force. Finding himself interested in law, he pursued the work after retirement, and almost two decades later, he is still a practicing law professional. Tom’s dedication to his field of work is apparent from the milestones he has managed to achieve. He has published multiple articles about immigration, appeared on local television discussing immigration cases and issues, and has taught classes to local and international groups of lawyers on U.S. immigration laws. Apart from such miscellaneous work he did out of pure passion, his professional portfolio is also rich in experience and dedication. Tom Geygan has successfully helped countless individuals and families overcome their immigration challenges and has brought his practice before all USCIS field offices, immigration courts, Ohio courts, and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Tom Geygan is also a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association, Ohio State Bar Association, Cincinnati Bar Association, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations that support civil rights and veterans’ rights programs.

Tom’s Approach to His Practice

Tom Geygan’s excellence as a practicing lawyer has stemmed from the personalized level of service he provides his clients. Tom believes in offering a friendly and comfortable service so he can better understand his clients and focus on their case from a more personal perspective. He combines his professional expertise with personal insight about immigration laws to deliver a service that is truly optimized to work in the best interest of his clients.

Fast turnarounds and the fact that no immigration case it too complicated for Tom Geygan are elements from which all his clients benefit. All clients want their cases resolved quickly and easily by an expert who knows what he’s doing – and that is precisely the kind of service Tom Geygan offers to clients of his law firm.

To get in touch with Tom Geygan for any information or questions, he can be contacted at ThomasJr@geygan.com or 513-791-1673..

About Geygan & Geygan, Ltd.

Geygan & Geygan, Ltd. is a law firm based in Cincinnati providing professional and experienced immigration law services to families and individuals. Spearheaded by Tom Geygan, a refined immigration lawyer with almost two decades of professional experience, the firm has the talent and competency to take on any immigration case, be it citizenship, family immigration, immigrant and non-immigrant status, investment or anything else.

Mission Statement

To provide professional, yet friendly, immigration law services to clients with any kind of immigration case, without compromising on timeliness, affordability, or reliability.

Immigration law is being enforced all over the country, which makes it one of the major legal tenets dealt with on a federal basis. We understand there are countless people dealing with immigration problems or case filings in need of legal help that not only appreciates their immigration situation but also helps resolve their cases. Geygan & Geygan aims to become that firm for people in Cincinnati, helping them extensively and thoroughly with all their legal immigration cases. With us, no case is too complicated – we give each and every case a personalized level of attention that prioritizes clients’ best interests.

Our Values

Geygan & Geygan is a firm with an ethical approach, focused on values of integrity, transparency, reliability, discipline, and friendliness. All of these values define the law firm and its chief attorney ideally – so clients always know what kind of service to expect.

If you would like to get in touch with the attorneys at Geygan & Geygan, they can be contacted at 513-791-1673.

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