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Inv# Description Invoice Total Paid Amount Due Due Date %%description%% $ $%%total.paid%% $%%amount.due%% %%date.due%% %%creditcard.dropdown%% %%submit%%

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Inv# Description Invoice Total Paid Amount Due %%description%% $ $%%total.paid%% $%%amount.due%%


Why doesn’t the invoice total match the order total?

There’s a difference between invoices and orders in our accounting system.

The order is the list of items, with the total price. It’s attached to a payment plan. For each payment due on the payment plan our system generates an invoice for that amount.

For a single payment plan, the invoice reflects the full amount of the order.

If you have a multi-part payment plan, then system will generate multiple invoices over time, on a schedule, each invoice will be generated for each payment of the overall order, and the amount due will be the amount due for that “part” of the payment plan.

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