Adjustment of Status

Case Map

USCIS Processing

1 Hour

Hire Attorney

Receive Case Plan, pay 1/2 of the attorney fee


14 Days

Gather Information

Please see your case plan for the documents needed in your case


10 Days

Drafting Forms and Paperwork

We will draft the forms and cover letter for your case. Normal processing time is 7 days and then 3 days to make any additions or corrections.


1 Hour

Signing Appointment

Once we have the approval of the forms from you we will schedule a time for you to come in to sign your paperwork. If you are outside the Greater Cincinnati Area, we will email you the paperwork and ask you to mail the signed originals back.

Pay 2nd half of attorney fee and filing fee


14 Days

Receipt Notices

14 days after we send in your packet, both you and I, will receive the receipt notice from USCIS showing they have received your filing fee and packet.


77 Days

Employment Authorization Document

77 days after we send in your packet, you should receive your Employment Authorization Document. This document will allow you to obtain a drivers license and social security card.


5 Months

Immigration Interview

5 Months after we send in your packet, you should receive your notice to appear at an immigration interview. Two weeks prior to your interview we would like you to come to our office for a mock interview.


3 Weeks

Case Decision

Most clients receive their "green card" three weeks after the interview.



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USCIS Processing Times

Receipt Notice

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Large File Upload

Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support

Use these Poverty Guidelines to compute the income needed for the Affidavit of Support


Sample Supporting Letters for Interview

These letters are to support your case at the time of your interview


Immigration Interview Questions

Here are sample questions the officer may ask to determine if you are married and living together.


Immigration Interview E-Book

Here is a book to explain some of the aspects of the interview we will be going to shortly.

Client Accounting