I-601 A Provisional Waiver for [memb_contact fields="FirstName,LastName" separator=" "]

Case Map

1 Hour

Hire Attorney

Receive Case Plan, pay 1/2 of the attorney fee


60 Days

Gather Information

Please see your case plan for the documents needed in your case


2 Hours

Meeting with Attorney

A meeting with your attorney to go over the evidence, discuss your case and letters of support


30 Days

Write & Gather Letters In Support

Both spouses need to write their letters and gather letters from family friends, medical providers and the like. Please see our sample letters.


1 Hour

Signing Appointment

Once we have the letters and all supporting documents we will prepare the forms and cover letter and schedule you for a time to come in to sign your papers. Normal processing time for our office to prepare the paperwork is 7 days, but we are doing that while you are gathering your letters.

Pay 2nd half of attorney fee and filing fee


14 Days

Receipt Notices

14 days after we send in your packet, both you and I, will receive the receipt notice from USCIS showing they have received your filing fee and packet.


2 - 6 months

Case Decision

Case decision time is about 2 months for cases without unusual issues and 6 months for other cases

USCIS Processing Times

USCIS Case Status


USCIS Online Resources

USCIS Case Status

Case status as reported by USCIS.


USCIS Case Processing Times

USCIS estimated processing times.


USCIS Change of Address (AR-11)

Online Change of Address.


USCIS InfoPass

USCIS appointment scheduling.



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Receipt Notice

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Sample Letters

This is a collection of sample letters in support of your waiver. You will need to extract these documents to see them. They are microsoft word format


Video On Waiver Letters

Video About Letters In Support

This is a video we have done to discuss the letters we need from you and your spouse for a waiver.

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