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How To Tell Your Story To Immigration

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Attorney Thomas Geygan is putting on a resource-packed EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR on How To Tell Your Story To Immigration. Mr. Geygan will provide a simple framework for understanding how to testify to make your case.

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

  • People Who Will Have An Interview With Immigration
  • People Who Are In Immigration Court Procedings
  • People Considering Filing For Immigration Benefits
Immigration is a very complicated legal area. Eligibility for immigration benefits, can be difficult to understand, that is why through this webinar the attorney Tom Geygan will explain in detail How To Tell Your Story To Immigration, to help you explain why you are eligible.

There are many important reasons to watch this webinar.

The 11 Rules Mr. Geygan will go over are:
  • 1. Take Your Time
  • 2. Always Remember You Are Making a Record
  • 3. Tell the Truth
  • 4. Be Relentlessly Polite
  • 5. Don't Answer a Question You Don't Understand
  • 6. Let Your Translator Earn Their Money
  • 7. If You Do Not Remember, Say So
  • 8. Do Not Guess
  • 9. Do Not Volunteer
  • 10. Be Careful with Documents and Prior Statements
  • 11. Use Your Counsel

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By Thomas Geygan, Jr.

Immigration Attorney for more than 20 years.