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How can I prepare for my first appointment?

There are several things you can do to prepare for your first appointment:
•    Gather together all relevant documents (letters of demand, contracts, loan agreements, etc.) and put them in order;
•    Write down a brief timeline of events;
•    List the issues about which you are concerned because of your legal problem; and
•    Think about what you would like the result to be, as this will help the lawyer to know whether your expectations are achievable.
This will assist Mr. Geygan in giving you accurate and relevant advice.

I’m feeling worried and nervous.

Mr. Geygan understands that clients may feel anxious about discussing their matter with him. To help you feel comfortable, you can ask a trusted friend or family member to accompany you to your appointment.  It is helpful to let us know before your appointment that you intend to bring someone with you for support.
Please remember that Mr. Geygan may ask your support person to leave for part of the interview if his or her presence seems unhelpful in communicating with you, or if he needs to discuss confidential information with you.

Will my first appointment be free?

Mr. Geygan offers a $100, half-hour initial consultation.  Additional time beyond that will be charged at his usual rate.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

During this appointment, you will learn: (1) Mr. Geygan’s specific recommendations and your best options; (2) your chances of approval with Mr. Geygan’s representation; and (3) how much the case will cost. There is no obligation to hire Mr. Geygan for your case after the consultation appointment. Instead, you will walk out of the appointment with a true sense of clarity of what you should do next to regain control of your case and your future.

What can I do to save money?

If you are worried about money, you should ask Mr. Geygan what you can do to help keep costs down.
Remember that Mr. Geygan usually charges a flat fee for the time spent on your case.  This means he will not charge you every time you call, email or write to him.
When looking to save costs, consider:
•    Photocopying your own documents at your local library or copy center.
•    If you cannot reach Mr. Geygan, leaving a clear and detailed message may remove the need for him to call you back.
•    Be honest and tell Mr. Geygan everything about your legal matter, no matter how trivial it may seem to you.  This will allow him to manage your matter efficiently from the start.  Remember, what you tell Mr. Geygan privately is kept secret under the attorney/client privilege.

Will Mr. Geygan tell me how to handle my case by myself?

Do not arrange a case evaluation if you are trying to file the case on your own, without an attorney. Mr. Geygan will not tell you how to file your case, what documents or forms to use, or otherwise instruct you on doing it yourself.  This would be known as ghosting, which is unethical for an attorney.

Does Mr. Geygan have to do everything I ask?

No.  Mr. Geygan has a duty to give you honest and accurate legal advice.  He does not have to do all you ask him to do if it contradicts his advice, or especially if it goes against his overriding duty to the courts

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